Hello and welcome to my world of positivity!

My name is Pratima Kumar (Pratima Jaiswal). I am an internet marketer and a self-help coach. For all the people, who think that they can’t do anything in this world, who think that they won’t ever achieve their desired goals, good health and wealth, I want to become a helping hand for all of you out there. I have developed an online course namely Power of Positive Autosuggestion. This course is about how to give positive affirmations to yourself and create your own destiny. Being an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), I am well equipped with excellent managerial skills and hence I can be a very helpful support for you in achieving your life goals.

To me, life is all about exploring yourself, just like Earth never stops rotating, likewise you should never stop learning, especially about yourself. By learning Reiki, Healing and meditation courses, I learnt much about the human psychology, which aids me in my life at every step. I believe that you can do the same and gain control of your life and decisions that come along with it. I can suggest a few readings that can inspire you, such as ‘The Secret’, ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’, ‘The Magic’, ‘The Power’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘You Will See It When You Believe It’ & ‘The Alchemist’.

I have learnt the law of attraction and I have been into this field for more than 15 glorious years of my life.  I have come across many people who supported me to pursue this journey. Before starting my online courses, I applied the strategies on my family and friends and the results were amazing. I am sure that my services will assist you to get what you are striving for. Join me in the journey of leading a positive life, because only you can change your tomorrow!